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‘Bite three times…’, Salman Khan told how the poisonous snake reached the hand? Full Story of Accident – salman khan reveals how he got bitten by snake at Panvel farmhouse tmov

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  • Salman was bitten by snake 3 times
  • Salman told the full story of the accident
  • salman’s birthday today

Bollywood’s Dabangg actor Salman Khan, who ruled millions of hearts, is celebrating his birthday today. Fans across the country are seen immersed in the celebration of Salman’s birthday and are praying for the actor’s well being after the snake bite. But when and how did the snake bite Salman? This question is in the mind of every fan of the actor. Now Salman himself has shared information about this accident that happened a day before his birthday.

How did the snake reach Salman’s hand?

Salman told about this accident – ​​A snake had come in my farmhouse. I was taking him out with the help of sticks. But he slowly came on my hand. Then I caught him to remove and at that time he bit me thrice. It was a kind of poisonous snake. After the snake bite, I was admitted to the hospital for about 6 hours. I am fine now.

Photo of Salman Khan resting on hospital bed goes viral, fans pray for well being

Father Salim Khan told how the snake bitten Salman? Talking about preparing for birthday

Salman reached the farmhouse to celebrate the birthday
Today is Salman Khan’s birthday. Salman has reached the farmhouse only to celebrate his birthday, where this accident happened to him. Actually, due to the increasing threat of Corona, Salman had decided to celebrate his birthday with family and close friends at the farmhouse, but who knew that a day before the birthday, this scary accident would happen to Salman.

After the news of the snake bite to Salman came to light, the heartbeat of the actor’s fans stopped for a moment. But when the news of the actor’s recovery was received, people across the country heaved a sigh of relief. Today on Salman’s birthday, everyone is praying for his long and happy life and well being. Fans are celebrating the birthday of their favorite star in full swing.


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