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Anushka Sharma’s post on Virat Kohli’s retirement, starts in Dhoni’s name, ends with daughter Vamika, know what is written – virat kohli retirement test captain anushka sharma emotional post cricket india tmov

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  • Anushka’s long post in the name of Virat
  • Told a special anecdote related to MS Dhoni

The journey of the great batsman of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli, has been full of ups and downs for some time now. Virat, who has scored more than 70 centuries in such a short time, has not been able to give the gift of a century to his fans for a long time. Apart from this, Kohli left the captaincy of Test cricket after the recent series loss to South Africa amid many questions about his captaincy. Everyone was surprised by his sudden decision. After leaving the captaincy of Virat, his wife and actress Anushka Sharma has written an emotional post.

Anushka has shared a laughing photo of Virat. With this, he wrote in the caption that – I remember the day in the year 2014 when you told me that you have become the captain of the Indian Test team, because Dhoni has taken retirement from Test cricket. After that I, you and Dhoni had a conversation the next day. Dhoni told you that now see how soon your beard will start turning white. We laughed a lot over it. Since that day I have seen more than your beard turning white. I have seen growth. around you and in you. And yes, I am proud of your growth and achievements as the captain of the Indian cricket team. But more than that, I am proud of your inner growth.

You were very young in the year 2014. Good intentions, positivity and goals take you forward in life. They take them forward but there are many challenges too. A lot of the challenges that you faced were not just on the field but outside it. But maybe this is life. Is not it? I trust in you that you did not let any obstacle stand in front of your noble intentions. You set the example and you gave everything for every win. Devote all your energy. And after a few defeats, sitting next to you, I saw your tears flowing. You had a tight mind that where was the shortcoming and how it could have been improved. This is you and this is what you expected the most. You have always looked unconventional and outspoken.

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Anushka called Virat unlimited

Show off has been your enemy and in my eyes that is what makes you great. This is your purity. No flattery anywhere. Not everyone can even understand this. I have said earlier also that those people are blessed who have come to know you properly. You are not perfect and you have flaws too. But you have never hidden them. You always supported what you thought was right. You always chose the toughest. You never begged for anything. Not even for this position. When someone holds something tightly, he remains confined to it. And my love, you are limitless. Our daughter will see the lessons of her father for 7 years. You did well. Let us tell you that Anushka Sharma goes with Virat in almost every tour. Daughter Vamika also always stays together. Many times on the field too, Anushka has been seen encouraging her husband.


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