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5 Best Suspense Thriller Web Series Suspenseful Series On OTT The Family Man 2, Special Ops, Mumbai Diaries And So On

Best suspense thriller web series: Although there are a thousand ways to say something, but if something is told by creating suspense, then the thrill increases further. The same thing applies to films as well, when there is a tinge of suspense and thrill in a story, then the fun becomes double. There is no dearth of fans of suspense and thrill movies. And OTT is the best place for this. Be it Netflix, Hotstar or Sony Liv… you have no shortage of options. In this report, we are going to tell you about the top 5 web series full of suspense and thrill, which will not let your eyes go away from the screen till the end.

The Family Man 2
Prime Video’s The Family Man 2 tops this list. This web series, released in June this year, is also full of suspense, which keeps your hair standing till the end. On seeing this, there is a desire to know what is going to happen next and this thing keeps it connected to the screen. It has two seasons, if you want, you can watch both together.

Special Ops 1.5: The Himmat Story
There are only 4 episodes of Special Ops 1.5 released in November itself and these four episodes have some but only suspenseful stories. Once you start watching this series, you will not feel like leaving it. Its special thing is that it leaves you with a suspense and makes you eager to know the story ahead. Its season one has already arrived.

Mirzapur is a crime drama but full of suspense and thrill which keeps you scared all the time. Two seasons of this series of Prime Video have also come and both are wonderful. If you are fond of action-packed adventures, then this series is the best for you.

Hotel Mumbai
If you want to know the true story of 26/11 attack, then Hotel Mumbai can be seen. Present on ZEE5, this film strikes fear in the heart at every turn and also increases the curiosity to know about the future. You only get thrill in this film.

Mumbai Diaries
The Mumbai Diaries series on Prime Video is also a wonderful series that creates fear and excitement in you every moment. Mohit Raina starrer This series is also based on the Mumbai attacks which does not let you leave the screen even for a moment.


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