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Yezdi, the king of hearts has come, the pride of the locality; Wherever it will pass, the eyes will wander there

New Delhi: Mahindra-owned Classic Legends has finally made a comeback in the Indian market and the company has made a comeback with three new motorcycles. The Yezdi motorcycle will be sold in the same showroom with Jawa, another brand from Classic Legends. The first of the three motorcycles of the company is the Yezzi Roadster, whose ex-showroom price in Delhi has been kept at Rs 1.98 lakh. The second number comes Yezzi Scrambler which is priced at Rs 2.05 lakh ex-showroom, finally comes the turn of Yezzi Adventure Motorcycle which has been priced at Rs 2.10 lakh.

Anand Mahindra gives important information about Yezdi motorcycle brand

On this launch, Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra has given important information about the Yezdi motorcycle brand. The founders of Classic Legends, Anupam Thareja and Boman Rustam Irani were present at the launch. Yezzi Motorcycles is the third motorcycle brand from Classic Legends to be introduced in the market after Jawa and BSA. BSA has been launched in the European and American markets for the time being and will soon be launched in India as well. Yezdi has given a 334 cc single-cylinder engine with all three motorcycles which is derived from Jawa Perak. Apart from this, all three are based on the same platform.

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Most liked 250 cc model

The original Jawa brand was introduced by the Iranian family in the early 1960s and Yezzi motorcycles based on these bikes entered India in 1973. To relive the classic legends nostalgia, Yezzi is investing heavily in the brand. In the 1960s-70s, the Yezdi motorcycle was offered with a 250 cc two-stroke engine, in addition to the Yezdi 350 cc twin and 175 cc single-cylinder engines. The most preferred of these was the 250 cc model, which was launched in many models and variants.


Source: https://zeenews.india.com/hindi/auto-news/yezdi-motorcycle-brand-reintrodused-in-india-launch-3-new-bikes/1069561


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