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Yamaha’s electric scooter Yamaha EMF introduced globally, know when will it be launched in India

New Delhi, Auto Desk. Yamaha and Gogoro have globally introduced their second co-developed electric scooter, the Yamaha EMF. The look of this electric scooter is very great and the company is ready to launch it soon. Let us tell you all the details from the specification to the range of this e-scooter.

Offered in 3 color variants

The EMF E-Scooter looks like no other Yamaha two-wheeler that we have seen before. It looks modern and stylish to look at. Ready to be offered for retail in Taiwan, the new Yamaha electric scooter will be offered with three color options, including Dark Black, Dark Green and Light Blue.

Features-Not only does the scooter look modern, but its avante-garde design is equally equipped with modern equipment. The features list of Yamaha EMF includes stacked LED headlamps, afterburner-style dual LED taillights, digital instrument console, storage space between the floorboards and various connectivity features available through the official Yamaha app.

Power and range The Yamaha EMF electric scooter is equipped with a mid-mounted motor that produces 10 Bhp of maximum power at 3,000 rpm and 26 Nm of peak torque at 2,500 rpm. Yamaha claims that this scooter can accelerate to 50 km / h in just 3.5 seconds. Although the company has not yet revealed the top-speed of the Yamaha EMF, it has been said that it could be around 100 km/h. The company has not yet given information related to the range. It will be told during the launch.

When will it be launched in India

Talking about launching this powerful electric scooter in India, let us tell you that the company has not yet given any official information related to it. This does not mean that the company will not bring this e-scooter to India, it is being speculated that the company may launch Yamaha E01 and EC-05 here sometime.

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