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Xiaomi’s electric car coming after mobile phones, TVs and gadgets, will create a storm


New Delhi: After bringing smartphones, TVs, audio devices and many other gadgets, now tech companies are preparing to shine their luck in the market of electric vehicles. From big brands like Apple to Oppo, even Xiaomi, are also exploring the possibilities of electric traffic. According to the reports, Xiaomi is working on its first electric car and this information has been given by the company’s founder and CEO. According to a report by Gizmo China, Xiaomi founder and CEO Li Jun said that by 2024, the company is going to launch its first electric car, which was earlier planned to be brought to the market by 2026.

About 10 billion dollars (about 750 billion rupees) investment

In the same year, Xiaomi officially announced the introduction of electric vehicles. Last week, the company said that it is working on setting up a production plant for these vehicles in China. According to the report, this plant will have the capacity to manufacture 3 lakh electric vehicles annually. The company is planning to invest about $ 10 billion (about Rs 750 billion) on this electric vehicle plant. Lee Jun had said that more than 10,000 people are working on the research and development of this project. Lee Jun will head the company’s electric car division. He has said that the phone business will be the core business of the company.

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Oppo and Apple are also working on electric cars!

Apart from Xiaomi, Oppo and Apple are also working on electric cars, it has been revealed in the reports. However, this news has been received only from the sources and no official announcement has been made by the company on this. Apple has not yet made an official announcement to bring the electric car to the market. When Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked about the development of electric cars, he said that according to me the autonomy of electric cars is purely technical work. If seen from the right eyes, an electric car is like a robot. So autonomous car is a robot. There are a lot of things that can be done with Autonomy here and we’ll see what Apple can do here.


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