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Why did the company have to give cleaning on Ola Electric scooters, know what is the reason

New Delhi. Ola Electric will do the first OTA software update on its S1 and S1 Pro scooters. The EV manufacturer recently clarified that it may take three to six months for the software update to reach the customers. Varun Dubey, Chief Marketing Officer, Ola Electric, said during a recent interview that the company’s aim was to deliver scooters to its customers as soon as possible. The company of missing features will update them soon.

In fact, Ola Electric had promised cruise control and hill hold features on the S1 and S1 Pro scooters. But, both these features were missing in the scooters that were recently delivered to the customers. After this, customers started criticizing the company on social media. Apart from this, customers surrounded the company for not getting the range as promised by the company.

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Will update software soon
Regarding this, Varun Dubey said that in the next few months, features like cruise control, hill hold, navigation etc. are going to come in the scooter. This will be done through software update. He said that the company will continue to add more features to the scooter through customer feedback.

All the features not found in the first lot
When the S1 Pro electric scooter was tested in November last year, Ola had assured that the scooters offered to the customers would not have the beta version of the software. However, the company had also said that some features cannot be added in the first lot. They will be added later in OTA software update.

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The company had to give clarification
Following the criticism, Ola on Friday came out to answer many questions from the electric industry as well as customers. The company came under criticism after government portals gave less than 500 scooters against Ola’s claim of 4,000 units. The company has also cleared the confusion over the ARAI range and the exact range of its S1 and S1 Pro electric scooters.

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