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Which is less expensive in CNG or Electric vehicles? Know and clear your confusion now

CNG cars vs electric vehicles: CNG and Electric cars are now giving a tough competition to the petrol and diesel cars that have been ruling the roads of India for a long time. In terms of environmental health also, CNG and electric cars have come a long way in comparison to petrol and diesel. It would not be wrong to say that in the coming days, most of the population of the country will be inclined towards CNG and electric cars. Compared to petrol-diesel cars, the cost of these cars is also very less. Now let us tell you what are the big differences between CNG and Electric cars along with the cost…

Which is cheaper in CNG and Electric car

Before buying a car, most of the customers first check about its price. People’s first choice is the car that gives good mileage in the budget. At the same time, when it comes to choosing between CNG and electric car, CNG car is the first choice in terms of price. A CNG car is always cheaper than an electric car.

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Factory Fitted CNG Kit Cars

In today’s era, there are many companies with CNG fitted kit cars. Companies like Maruti and Hyundai have launched many factory fitted CNG kit cars. Among the CNG kit fitted low budget cars, Maruti’s Alto and Wagnor have the highest sales. Hyundai’s factory fitted CNG kit Aura is also being liked by the people in the slightly higher range.

Limited range in electric cars

Now let’s talk about electric cars. There is currently only a limited range of electric cars in the Indian car market. Talking about the price, most of the electric cars in the country are currently available in the premium or 10 lakh range. Tata Nexon EV is the best selling electric car in the country. Its price starts from Rs 14.24 lakh. Talking about its petrol version, its starting price is Rs 7.29 lakh. It is clear from this that buying an electric car is a bit expensive.

Which is more economical between CNG and Electric car?

Now the question must be arising in your mind that which is more economical in CNG and Electric car.. or who is less expensive in maintenance of both. So let us tell you that most of the CNG cars give mileage of 30 kms. That is, in one kilogram of CNG, the car can cover a distance of 30 kilometers. CNG in Delhi is around Rs 53 per kg. Accordingly, the cost per kilometer of a CNG car comes to Rs 3 to 4, in which the maintenance cost is also included. Comparing the cost of a CNG car with that of a petrol-diesel car, the cost of a CNG car is very less.

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Electric car costs less than Re 1 per kilometer

Now let’s talk about the electric car. The government charges Rs 4.5 per unit for the high-capacity electric vehicle charger installed in Delhi. Accordingly, the battery of a car going up to a distance of 150 km will take 16 units of electricity to be fully charged. According to this calculation, an electric car will cost less than Re 1 per kilometer.

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