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Vehicle owners should know these rules before going out in weekend curfew, otherwise it will be difficult

New Delhi. Due to the increasing cases of Omicron variants of Corona, curfew and night curfew have started again in the country. In order to keep the number of cases of Kovid in the capital in Delhi too low, the state government has decided to impose a weekend curfew in Delhi. Weekend curfew will start at 10 pm on Friday and end at 5 am on Monday.

After the weekend curfew in Delhi once again, the question arises whether this time permission will be needed to go out in the curfew as before? Will people living in NCR get entry in the capital? From where will the e-pass be made for the weekend curfew? So let’s know the answer to your every question.

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E pass will be necessary to come to Delhi?
According to the guideline, if someone enters Delhi from railway station, airport and bus station or wants to go outside Delhi, then he will have to show his ticket during night weekend curfew. If not, action will be taken under the Kovid rule.

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What to do when coming from NCR or neighboring state?
According to the guideline, people coming from neighboring Rajasthan, Haryana or Uttar Pradesh will have to show e-pass during the weekend curfew. This e-pass can be made from the government portal. Apart from this, this rule will also be applicable to people coming from Noida, Gurugram and Faridabad.

they will get discount
According to the advisory, all essential and emergency services have been exempted during the weekend curfew. Apart from this, exemption has been given to government employees, embassy officials, media, medical personnel as well as allied services.

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How to get e-pass?
Apply for the pass by visiting the Delhi Government website Here you will see the option to apply for making an e-pass. You have to click on that option. If you have already filled the application for ePass, then you can check your status by clicking here. If you are filling the details for the ePass for the first time, then you will have to give seven details from phone number to your address. After this you will have to put your identity card and another identity card, visiting card, shop / business license etc. After this you will be issued an e-pass. This e-pass will also be issued to you by the district administration

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