Thursday, January 27, 2022

This is not a jugaad, it is an invention, the couple made an at-home E-Bike; trending features

New Delhi: In this era of social media and internet, you must have seen and heard the news of desi jugaad hundreds of times. But now the product that we are going to tell you about is not such a technique (Life Hacks) that can solve your big problem very cheaply by making a joke. In fact, this is the invention, which will not only shine the luck of its makers if it gets government assistance or a patent, but it will also make an important contribution to saving the environment.

Invention of Amazing E Bike

A photo is trending on social media (Trending E-Bike) which is related to the domestic manufacture of a country-made bike. Which a couple has prepared at their home. Dinkar Aggarwal and Madhumita Agarwal have created an e-bike with the help of indigenous parts, which covers a distance of 200 km on a full charge.

Big competition for big automobile brands

The rest of the features of this e-bike are also so tremendous that it directly competes with the electric vehicles (E-Vehicle) of big two wheeler manufacturers. Its makers have called it the startup of their life. Seeing this bike, it catches a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour. Its battery is also great. Its riders say that driving it means outing in a different way.

desi bikes getting popular

The frame of this bike has been made with the help of aluminum casing. Its weight is also 25 percent lighter than other branded vehicles in this segment. Those reading this news want to meet its makers. At the same time, people are giving different reactions about this bike on social media.




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