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Keep these things in mind before selling a car, otherwise you can get into a lot of trouble

New Delhi. If you want to buy a new car by selling your old car, then this news is very important for you. Because often we do many carelessness in a hurry to sell the car, which should not be done. Here we are going to tell you some such tips, which can save you the profit you get in the car and the trouble later.

Know the true value of your car
Whenever you think of selling your used car, before that you must know its real value. Because many times you may have to suffer due to not knowing the exact value of your car. Therefore, before selling the car, make sure to assess its true value.

Before selling the car, do some minor tasks
Before selling your car, you must fix its minor problem. Because often due to these minor problems, you have to face trouble during the testing of the car and you do not get the right price for your vehicle. Therefore, whenever you think of selling a car, then definitely fix its minor problems.

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Complete the paper work before selling the car
Before selling the car, you should inform the new owner of the car of all outstanding payments. For this, you have to take NOC from the RTO office of your district. In which it would have been clarified that there is no tax or fine due on the car owner. At the same time, you should share the pollution certificate and the service history of the car with the new owner.

Must transfer all the necessary documents of the car
Before selling the car, you must transfer all the necessary documents of the car like RC and insurance policy to the new owner. If you do not transfer these documents then you may face trouble in future.

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best way to sell car
You can sell your car in two ways. In which you can adopt both offline and online methods. But experts say that the best way to sell a car is through online medium. You do not have to face much trouble in this.

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