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Gr. Greater Noida EV India Expo 2021 One Moto Launch 3 Electric Scooter Retro Look Electa tutk – Greater Noida EV India Expo 2021

Story Highlights

  • GT Force launches 150km range scooter
  • One Moto launches 3 electric scooters
  • Electa price close to Rs 2 lakh

One by one spectacular electric vehicles are being launched at the ongoing EV India Expo in Greater Noida. Many startup companies have brought their different specifications and range of electric vehicles to this expo.

This e-scooter runs up to 150 km
Indian startup company GT Force has also reached this expo with its electric scooter. The company has launched electric scooters keeping in mind both low-speed and high-speed customers. The company’s low-speed electric scooter has a maximum speed of 25 kms and a single charge range of 60 kms. So the top speed of the high-speed scooter is 60 kmph. Whereas in a single charge it goes up to 120- 150 km.

Along with this, the company has also kept the model of its electric motorcycle in the expo. These products of the company are expected to hit the market by February 2022.

One Moto Lie 3 E-scooter
British auto company One Moto has also reached the expo with its 3 electric scooters. Out of these, the company’s Electa scooter has a very retro look. While the company has also launched scooters like Byka and Commuta keeping the youth in mind. Among these, the Commuta is designed keeping in mind the needs of everyday use. On the other hand, the Byka is actually designed according to the needs of the delivery boy.

These three scooters of the company have Bluetooth, from which songs can be heard. In this, the Commuta costs Rs 1.30 lakh which comes with a range of 100 km. The Byka is priced around Rs 1.80 lakh with a range of 180 km. Electa is the most expensive model of the company and its price is around Rs 2 lakh.

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