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Government launched BH Series registration mark of new vehicles, know what will be the benefit

Bharat Series Vehicle Registration: Your transfer has been done to some other state and you want to use your vehicle there but due to problems regarding vehicle registration in the new state, this task is not so easy. But now these problems are going to go away forever. In fact, the Government of India has introduced the Bharat Series for the registration of new vehicles. The registration of the new series vehicles will be valid across India and they will be able to use the vehicle unhindered in any part of the country on the basis of the registration number of this series.

The central government has launched a new registration mark for the Bharat series (BH-series) for new vehicles. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, in a written reply to a question in Rajya Sabha, said that when a vehicle owner shifts from one state to another, the Bharat series vehicle will be given a new registration mark. ) will not be needed.

what will be the benefit
Nitin Gadkari said that the facility of new vehicle registration under Bharat series will be available to defense personnel, central government employees, state governments, central and state public sector undertakings and private sector companies on the basis of their desire.

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The government has said that the BH series will facilitate free movement of private vehicles in the states and union territories of India. Motor vehicle tax will be levied on vehicles with BS series mark for two years. After which tax will be levied on the basis of 4, 6, 8 years.

At present, at the time of registration of private vehicles, the vehicle owner has to pay road tax for 15 years. If they get transferred to another state, then they have to register again. Now the number of BH series will get rid of all such hassles.

what will be the tax rate
Motor vehicle tax will be levied annually after the completion of 14 years of registration of the vehicle but the rate of tax will be half. Vehicles above 20 lakh will be taxed at 12 percent. The rate of tax will be 10 per cent on vehicles costing Rs 10 to 20 lakh and 8 per cent on vehicles costing less than Rs 10 lakh. Diesel vehicles will be charged an additional fee of 2%. Whereas, electric vehicles will get a tax exemption of 2 percent.

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Number plate will be like this
The India series number plate will be of black and white colour. In this, the numbers will be printed in black on a white background. The vehicle registration year will be at the beginning of the registration on the number plate. The last two digits of the year will be there. This will be followed by the letters BH of English. After this, the next number will be after this. For example, YY is BH 5529 XX YY. In this the year of first registration BH – Bharat Series Code 4 – 0000 to 9999 XX alphabets (AA to ZZ).

How to register for Bharat Series
If you are a state or central government employee then you can apply for new registration with government ID. To apply, you have to go to the vahan portal of the Ministry of Roads and Highways. Form 20 has to be filled to apply for Bharat Series through a dealer. Employees working in the private sector will have to fill Form 60.

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