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Flex Fuel Engine: Now instead of petrol and diesel, vehicles will run on this oil, will save Rs 40 per liter – Govt advisory flex fuel engine petrol diesel price ethanol mileage nitin gadkari tuts

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  • Government issued advisory on flex fuel
  • Cars will soon run on ethanol

The need for diesel and petrol to run a car or bike is going to end soon. In a few months, there will be a lot of such vehicles, which will run on ethanol instead of diesel-petrol. It will cost about Rs 40 a liter cheaper than diesel-petrol and will also reduce pollution. The government has asked car companies to make preparations for this.

So much time for companies to implement advisory

Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said that the government has issued an advisory regarding vehicles with Flex Fuel Engine. In this, auto companies have been asked to launch vehicles with flex fuel engines within six months. After being equipped with the Flex Fuel Engine, the vehicles will be able to run on more than one type of fuel.

The cost of driving will be reduced

With the introduction of flex fuel engines, it will be possible to run vehicles even with 100% ethanol. This change is expected to improve the environment as well as the health of the pockets of the people. At present, diesel and petrol are beyond 100 in many parts of the country, while the price of ethanol is currently only Rs 63.45 per liter. In this way, it is cheaper by about Rs 40 per liter than the conventional fuels diesel and petrol. It spreads up to 50 percent less pollution than petrol. Although the mileage on using ethanol drops slightly compared to petrol, the effective average savings per liter still sits around Rs 20.

Bikes and three-wheelers have started running on ethanol

The minister also informed that some companies have already started manufacturing vehicles with flex fuel engines, while many other companies have agreed to adopt it soon. TVS first introduced the Flex Fuel Engine in India in 2019. The company started it by giving flex fuel engine to the Apache (TVS Apache) bike. Apart from this, TVS Motors and Bajaj Auto have also introduced three-wheelers with flex fuel engines.

Cars will soon run on cheap oil

Companies like Toyota, Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai have already given consent to introduce vehicles with flex fuel engines. After the latest advisory of the government, now all companies will have to move in this direction. Therefore, in the coming six months, many such vehicles can be launched, which will be able to run on ethanol along with petrol. Right now this type of engine is being used the most in Brazil.


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